Star Car Secrets to change the shoes of your car and will be clattering with spikes all summer, but most conscious motorists not only changed tires to summer tires, but after the winter they gave their car to the detailing to do the dry cleaning of the interior, polish the body after winter frost and exposure to reagents.

Star Car SecretsBut, and more conscious, cover the car with a transparent protective film. Since almost every family has a car, and some have several, we decided to ask the trendsetters, Russian TOP celebrities, in which detailing centers they service their expensive cars.

We found out that there are more than a thousand such detailing services in Moscow and St. Petersburg, but sometimes you can run into amateurs, and at best the service will not be of high quality, but it also happened that after dry cleaning, chemistry remained on the interior details and people started to feel bad in their car.

You should trust your car only to time-tested professionals. After analyzing the Moscow centers where famous people service their cars, we were surprised, most of them advised the same detailing studio, moreover, everyone talked about different services, someone cleaned the interior there, someone polished the car with protective ceramic coatings, and there are those who are tired of the color of their car and decide to completely wrap the car in a different color, indeed, everything is cheaper than buying a new car.

On the recommendation of the majority of the star elite, the IDWrap detailing studio, which is located on Rublevsky Highway, has become the leader in detailing services. They have been in the detailing services market for 15 years and know what even the most demanding clients want. Each service is provided by individual specialists who are the best in their field. But you can not even talk about the guarantee, it's all by default. Yes, the studio management does not worry about it, as they use materials only from the best world manufacturers that have been proven over the years. One well-known singer, we will not name her, since the time is not easy, said that for 5 years she has been driving her Bentley for detailing services only in IDWrap, since the quality is at the highest level, and the price is no higher than that of similar services. And becoming a regular customer, she receives constant discounts and bonuses, and who does not like bonuses. In addition, the quality of services is monitored by the owner of the IDWrap Detailing Services Studio, Inna, who values ​​each of her clients. In general, love your car, and take care of it in proven places so as not to become an adventurer.

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