Alexander Tsekalo's young wife responded to pregnancy rumors 31-year-old Darina Ervin stopped showing her slim body .

Alexander Tsekalo's young wife reacted to pregnancy rumors Young wife 62- summer showman Alexander Tsekalo always loved to show the public her slender figure. Recently, however, Darina Ervin prefers more baggy things. Fans suggest that the 31-year-old artist may be expecting a baby.

Alexander Tsekalo's young wife reacted to pregnancy rumors

Tsekalo and Erwin have been married for four years. The couple got married in Beverly Hills in 2019 and have lived in the US ever since. And if Alexander prefers to lead a closed lifestyle and practically does not engage in social networks, then Darina sometimes pleases fans with publications on her blog page.

Recently, a young artist posted a picture and appeared in a wide black dress, which completely does not allow you to see the figure.

And everything would be fine, but Darina always loved to show off her body and had a passion for revealing outfits. Therefore, the photo in such a closed dress gave rise to a lot of speculation among fans. The fact that Erwin noticeably gained weight did not pass by especially observant followers, especially in the waist and face. Therefore, subscribers suggested that replenishment might happen soon in the Tsekalo family. Read more: 1 2 next. →

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