Katya Semenova responded to allegations of corruption

Катя Семенова ответила на обвинения в продажности The singer reacted angrily to the criticism. Recently, Semenov appeared in several programs on television, where he spoke about his difficult life. Some netizens felt that the artist nice work. The star of the 80’s clarified the situation.

The star of the ‘ 80s Katya Semenova no longer performs on stage, but sometimes takes part in different TV shows. Recently, she openly talked about tuberculosis, which moved many years ago and admitted what emotions did you experience after breaking up with her husband. Some photos from the shooting gear Semenov puts in a microblog. Fans admire that she still has not lost its charm and grace.

However, among the commentators of her posts there are those who criticize the woman. Some believe that she says very personal things on television. One of the wearer of the social network suggested: Semenova offered large sums of money for the revelations, but in the means Kate clearly needs. Artist unable to keep silent. She wryly responded to the theory that it “bought” the TV channels.

“You want to offer me money? Girl to buy me very expensive! I think even you have not enough. Let’s not fight, just say goodbye for good,” wrote with humor Semenov.

The majority of Internet users supported her, noting that she was always honest with people. Semenova she repeatedly admitted he does not dissemble and does not tolerate fraud. That is why the woman was not able to forgive the wife of Michael, who left her for another woman.

“He paid her the money. She wanted more. I rewrote him. And car, and motorcycle, and the country,” said the star of the ‘ 80s in one of the TV show.

Now Semenova finds solace in communicating with their fans, as well as in meetings with his grandchildren. The singer lost his father and mother. “My dad, the engineer, went on a business trip to build another hydroelectric station on 5 January. And early in the morning of the 7th, my birthday, my sister Luda, which my father had a very close energy relationship, stood up and said, “I dreamed that daddy died”… I dress up, in white bows. And suddenly the phone rang, mom picked it up and settled. In short, before work, dad with his comrades went to the lab to drink for my health. He took some unsigned flask, poured the alcohol and the alcohol was wood. So he died on my birthday,” recalled Semenov. The mother and sister of Folk star died from cancer.Katya Semenova trouble