The star of the series “Sklifosovsky” Andrey Ilyin was afraid of child birth

Звезда сериала «Склифосовский» Андрей Ильин боялся рождения ребенка The actor told how a son. Andrey Ilyin became a father at 53. The wife of the artist Inga fully engaged in the upbringing of Tikhon. The boy is very smart and independent.
Звезда сериала «Склифосовский» Андрей Ильин боялся рождения ребенка

Andrey Ilyin izvesten of many viewers. 57-year-old actor played one of the roles in the TV series “Sklifosovsky”. His character, a surgeon Gennady Krivitsky, only appears in the new season. A colleague was Elena Yakovleva. Previously, the actors have already worked together on “Kamenskaya”. As recognized by Ilyin, Elena is always difficult.

“You always have to be alert. She likes to provoke partners to improvise, it can add to the text something of themselves, cleverly witty. It is very organic to her match, you need to keep a certain level. But it is both easy and interesting. It can not relax, it’s an artistic quality,” said Andrey Epifanov.

Звезда сериала «Склифосовский» Андрей Ильин боялся рождения ребенка

Ilyin rarely talks about her family. It is known that the movie star is happy with his wife Inge, whom he met many years ago. The woman then worked as an editor on television, and they arrived to record an interview with an actor. They have a son Tikhon. Andrew Epifanov admitted that before the appearance of the boy never really thought about children.

“Maybe if I became a father at an earlier age, would treat the child different, less anxious, and now I tremble over him, spoil him, that, most likely, wrong. Sometimes when you have to show strength of character, I shall be under the charm and immediacy of the Silence. After a couple of months he will be five years. For both of us to cope Inga, I think she has more authority than me” – shared Ilyin in an interview with reporters.

According to the artist, a son more like him. The child loves his rare name. The boy grows independent and stubborn, and loves to defend its position. Andrew Epifanov told that it’s already starting to teach Tikhon of high art.

“I brought him to a performance at the Vakhtangov theatre “puss in boots”, in the Provincial theater with “Jack frost”, he loved, he followed the story, empathized, and then talked about the production of the persons that brought it, and we are delighted,” said the actor in an interview with “Antenna-Telesem”.

Ilyin himself admits was initially a theater actor, and then, having gained experience, started playing in the movie.