Катя Семенова сбежала из Москвы после бракоразводного скандала The singer decided to escape from the troubles in his personal life. Katya Semenova went to Sochi, where he attended sightseeing and cultural events. Star actively sharing photos and videos in Instagram.

Divorce singer Ekaterina Semenova was a real shock for her fans. The Union of the artist with comedian Michael, Tereshenko seemed ideal for the past 25 years. The woman was admitted to the elect of love, emphasizing how much he changed her life. And yet star tired to hide numerous betrayal of men by telling about them through a post on Instagram.

Katya Semenova divorced after 25 years of marriage

“The circus is closed! My ex-husband with his partner. I hope that someday I will be able to wash. I didn’t mean to deceive anyone, it so happened,” – said Semyonov.

After the news became public, the divorce of Catherine and Michael have been actively discussing the media. Maybe that’s why the singer decided to go on vacation. She went to Sochi, where he attended the recital of Natalia Varley, with which familiar for many years. The singer frequently talks about the impressions of the city and the local natural attractions.

“We in Krasnaya Polyana! Wanted to show the mountains, but something has not yet happened. Then I’ll try again. Actually, Hello from Sochi”, – has signed one of the holiday pictures Semenov.

Fans have suggested that with a change of scene, Catherine tries to escape from problems in his personal life. Previously, she stressed that it is not going to suspend the divorce process and to forgive my husband, because he cheated on her for two years.

He Tereshenko prefers not to talk about the crisis in the family. Only one man commented on the situation by writing a comment to post the controversial ex-lover. “What you say about me here is the absolute truth. I’m just an idiot. 25 years together, accustomed, began to take happiness for granted. Now see, maybe later” – perhaps sincerely and seriously given a humorist.

Before the man moved out from a shared apartment in Moscow, moved into the house next door. Apparently, Michael hoped for a speedy reconciliation.

It is not known when the divorce process Semenova and Tereshenko will be over. The singer said that he had submitted documents to appropriate authorities a year ago, but never brought the case to the end. However, many fans are still hoping that the vacation will help Kate to calm down and to forgive a cheating husband.