Испанские страсти: Римма Маркова сломала жизнь своему заграничному мужу Queen of episodes actress Rimma Markova died two years ago. Shortly before her death, she gave one last TV interview, in which he remembered third husband, Spanish Baron, and told about how she had an abortion.
Испанские страсти: Римма Маркова сломала жизнь своему заграничному мужу

In the documentary “Rimma Markova. The weakness of strong women” has entered the memories of relatives and friends of people’s artist of Russia. The actress said the actor Euclid kyurdzidis, who in her last years close friend, old friend, the actress Zinaida Kiriyenko, TV presenter Maxim Galkin, only daughter Tatiana Nikitina…

Decoration of the film footage of the last TV interview the most Rimma Vasilyevna. In it she very openly talked about friendship and quarrels with Nonna Mordyukova, Tatiana daughter and grandson Theodore and, of course, about his personal life.

The actress was married three times. The first time she got married at age 22, “popped” as she said this, a handsome Greek. The marriage lasted about a year. When the husband put a condition or scene, or a family, the young actress immediately made a choice. And – divorced.

Second husband Markova became a musician, Vladimir Nikitin.

“The second husband, crazy love, he was younger than me by nine years, very beautiful, very talented, I gave birth to a daughter. We got married. It turned out that he was a drinker. Some time was held, and then all of them. It was a disaster,” recalled Rimma Vasilievna.
Испанские страсти: Римма Маркова сломала жизнь своему заграничному мужу

Well, the third husband of the actress was a Spanish Baron, Jose Gonzalez, Antonio Maria. He saw Rimma film festival in San Sebastian. Markov repeatedly said that she married a Spaniard out of pity, without love. “His advances were flattering, but the love I experienced. I respected his feelings, because he loved me so much that he fainted,” said the celebrity.

In his last television interview to the First channel Rimma V. has made an unexpected recognition. It turned out that she was pregnant by the Spanish Baron.

“He tried to persuade me to move to Spain. I had an abortion, that is not forgiven. I knew that if I gave, I was forced to move”.

By the way, the Spanish husband even after Markov refused to move and openly declared that to live with him no longer, gave the actress a divorce. So until the last days of Rimma Markova was Baroness.

However, the Baron Jose left this world before his famous Russian wife. Then his relatives arrived in Moscow to solve the issue with inheritance. However, the actress from the money and the estate refused, saying only: “I have a right?”

As recognized now her friends, Rimma Vasilyevna thought that ruined the life of her Spanish husband.