Katya LEL ‘ feared for daughter’s life because of a maniac

Катя Лель опасается за жизнь дочери из-за маньяка The singer went to the police. Katya LEL became periodically to teach threats of reprisals against her family. As it turned out, the man thus tried to attract the attention of a celebrity for his songs. Now, however, he became interested in law enforcement.

      Катя Лель опасается за жизнь дочери из-за маньяка

      Singer Katya LEL went to the police because of the threats of a maniac. According to the artist, the unknown man threatened reprisals against her daughter Emilia – Pris letters, texting and calling. Celebrity decided to take drastic measures, and therefore appealed to the police to protect her family. However, first in law enforcement to her statement reacted without enthusiasm.

      “My appeal is considered a month, but talked about the fact that there is no crime – the threat does not go into effect. But this is not a joke. Do I have to wait for some of the effects of these intimidation? However, initially the case was closed. But it didn’t stop me. Together with the lawyer we have to apply to the senior officer. They apologized and agreed that there is a need to investigate. Just 10 days found the person who threatened me,” – said Katya “StarHit”.

      As it turned out, the man in over 10 years sent the artist his songs. Alexander Hristov dreamed that Katya will pay attention to his writing and will begin to perform his compositions on stage. But to the creations of the composer, the artist remained indifferent, and he decided on a desperate step.

      “It seems to me that this man is not all right with the psyche. As it turned out, his dad worked as a pathologist, it may have imposed on his behavior for such a print. Now examination will be carried out, where all will become clear”, – shared his assumptions of the artist.

      Katya tries to do everything to protect your family from potential threats. The actress is very worried about my seven year old daughter Emilia. Due to the fact that the singer often on tour, she can not always control the girl.

      “I explained to Emilia, of course, in a mild form that she had to be very careful not to talk to strangers. The teachers at her school is also aware of everything happening, so monitor who’s taking his daughter after school – such measures were taken by the artist to protect loved ones. But I now began to feel a little better that at least I know who is this person who wrote to me for a long time. I thought that after the publicity of the case, he’ll leave me alone, but no. Just yesterday he re-sent me another song, in his words, “hit and masterpiece” as a sign of reconciliation. The letter was written in a neutral tone, without any aggression.”