Катя Гордон будет защищать Диану Шурыгину A lawyer offered his help to the injured girl. Kate Gordon is ready to stand up for Diana Shurygina, which is now collapsed notoriety. The human rights activist is outraged by the behavior of some people.

      Катя Гордон будет защищать Диану Шурыгину

      A lawyer, composer, and businesswoman Kate Gordon only recently became a mother for the second time. However, she did not zakazivat in the decree, and after a couple of weeks after the birth of the youngest son went to work. She was unable to remain indifferent to the sensational stories Diana Shurygina. Kate is ready to offer her services to protect the girl and her family from the many attacks. She was amazed at the view of some people who believe that rape itself is to blame Diana. Gordon is sure that nothing can justify illegal actions of the young man.

      “Legal company Kati Gordon “Gordon and sons” is ready to provide psychological and legal support to the family Shurygina. Questions inappropriate teenage behavior and violence lie in different areas of discussion and the law in General. For the first not assume criminal liability. I am personally outraged that justify violence, and society allows itself to statements like “she provoked him”. It would have been impossible in Europe! A petition of people with non-legal mind, raise high the raped girl, no matter how good or bad it may be, is a petition of vulgarity and anger. I am ashamed of the signatories,” – said Katya “StarHit”.

      Gordon fully supports Shurygin and believes that the guilty must be punished. Now Sergey Semenov, whom she accused of rape, serving time in prison. The young man does not consider himself guilty. According to him, Diana herself showed him signs of attention and did not resist. Moreover, he did not know that the girl is a minor. In the program Andrei Malakhov “Let them talk” guy trying to “reach out” to her and asked her to reconsider their way of life. The rapist Diana Shurygina turned to her

      “Diana, I want you to know that you thought better of it and led a normal lifestyle to the whole situation that happened, it became a lesson for you and your parents. I don’t want harassment, I don’t need it,” said Semenov.