Ирина Салтыкова травмирована «подставой» экс-супруга The singer admitted that the divorce had taught her to look differently at life. Irina Saltykov said that the former husband had taught her a cruel lesson. Since then, the singer tries not to get close with other people. According to Irina, she has only one friend that you can trust.

      Singer Irina Saltykova still talks about the divorce with the artist Viktor Saltykov. In 1995, the couple broke up after eight years together. Since that time Irina was not married. However, star believes that it will meet your soulmate. “I am sure that is self-sufficient, independent women necessarily all will be well,” admitted Saltykov in a recent interview.

      Celebrity also frankly told that the divorce was very challenging. Irina is sure that the ex-husband did to her is extremely unfair.

      “In my life was the only “setup”, when in response to a kindness received “a slap”. This refers to my divorce. Then I, in fact, still a girl, naively clapping eyes, believed that in this world all nice and pretty decent. The reality was cruel, I have learned the lesson of life is not so sweet, it seems, people need to be careful, not to trust. Painless this revelation was given, the scar on your heart left for life. Thank God he’s bleeding, and similar situations. But just in case close did not admit”, – shared the singer.

      According to Irina, she has only one friend with whom she communicates for more than twenty years. In addition, the artist supports his beloved daughter Alice. The girl twenty-nine years old, she lives in the UK. Alice remained abroad after graduation.

      Irina did not doubt that her closest person has abilities in music. Daughter celebrity pleases her with their creativity. Saltykov sure that the aspiring actress has a great future. And once Alice has composed a song just for mom. It was called “follow me”. The premiere of the video for this song took place in the spring of last year.

      During the conversation with journalists Irina Saltykova admitted that the daughter has their own thoughts about the future and self-realization. Alice does not intend to follow in the footsteps of the famous singer. This applies not only to his musical career, but relationships with the opposite sex. According to Irina, her successor is not in a hurry to get married. “Mom, let’s be honest… Your experience of family life, how can you call good?.. I don’t want that. I have my own life,” gave Saltykov words closest person to the newspaper “Telenedelya”.