Anastasia was rescued from a fire in the steam room

Анастасию Волочкову спасли от пожара в парной The ballerina became the owner of a luxurious bath, to bathe in which will not only pleasant but also safe. As it turned out, the previous working seriously screwed up and Anastasia had seriously hurt. The first in the new building of the star have been “StarHit”.

      Анастасию Волочкову спасли от пожара в парной

      Ballerina in honor of March 8 has received an original gift – a new bath. “Anastasia recently performed in DC in Voronovo, – has shared with “StarHit” Eugene Stupin, carpenter. – The organizers told her about me, showed a pair, which I did. She looked at the room and said, “why do I have this?” After knowing the story, I went to Cindy and offered help.” Volochkova was invited to Eugene and his crew to his home in the suburbs.

      “When the workers began to open shelves, I was shocked. It turned out that the floor has decayed, – has told “StarHit” Nastya. – Previous builders messed up – instead of wooden fasteners installed iron. At high temperature they are heated at any moment could start a fire! I have many times risked his life. Luckily Evgeny and his masters fix everything. Yes, so beautifully drawn up, now my room is a work of art”.
      Анастасию Волочкову спасли от пожара в парной

      New shelves, fasteners and partitions are made of Linden – wood, which is practically not heated. The steam room was decorated with decorative figures the Nutcracker and the Mouse king, and on the walls of ballerinas dancing party of Swan lake.

      “I carefully studied the biography of Anastasia and her “Instagram”, – continues Eugene Stupin. – I learned that at age five her mother took her to the ballet “the Nutcracker”, and then she decided to become a ballerina. Hence fairy-tale characters. We also plan to decorate the facade Polokov musical notation from “the seasons” Vivaldi favorite piece Volochkova. To try out the new bath will be on this week.”

      Анастасию Волочкову спасли от пожара в парной

      It should be noted, to alter the work of other artists Anastasia has not for the first time. For example, when a celebrity stopped in a luxurious mansion, where she lives now, she is faced with unscrupulous team of workers, which subsequently had to fix it. The house of the artist, which cost her tens of millions, now admired as the most of the hostess and her guests and fans. Anastasia Volochkova showed the house for two million dollars