Katya Gordon was operated on live

Катю Гордон прооперировали в прямом эфире
The doctors left the suffering of the journalist in the past.

Katya Gordon

Photo: @Instagram katyagordon Katya Gordon

Katya Gordon shook
their fans courage. The fact that the presenter decided to conduct
complex eye surgery. However, one to go into surgery Kate still
afraid, therefore, took with him as support… a few dozen
fans! Shortly before the beginning of operations Gordon joined the online video
on the phone. Wanting to look at Kate during the procedure to restore
of view there is a huge number, many sympathized with the girl and expressed
words of support.

However, the Gordon
the operation moved easily, and already in 20 minutes after she start
to recover vision. “Thank you to everyone who live supported me.
Another fear was in the past and despite the fact that the operation I did
only 20 minutes ago, I already see much better! Let there be light! In our hearts in
!” — shared Katia after the surgery.

As told by Gordon,
problems with her eyesight began even before the birth of her son. The sight of Katie gradually
was getting worse and the only saving grace Gordon became lenses, which are very
tired eyes. And recently it has even come to the point that she had to hire
personal driver because she feared driving with such poor eyesight.
The preparations for the operation took three-year — TV presenter attended the consultations
at ophthalmologists, but further conversations business did not come on. Until finally
Gordon has not opted for a Metropolitan doctor, who decided to trust.

By the way, not so long ago Katya
underwent another surgical intervention. She had undergone rhinoplasty,
during which she fixed a deviated septum. According to
Gordon, this disadvantage is greatly hampered in her work.

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