The wife of Alec Baldwin taking over the babysitter

Жену Алека Болдуина принимают за няню
The wife of the actor shared the funny details of his family life.

Жену Алека Болдуина принимают за няню

Alec and Hilaria the Baldwins

Photo: @hilariabaldwin Instagram

Recently Hilaria, 32-year-old wife of Alec Baldwin, said in his microblog: people often do not recognize her as a wife
well-known actor.

As told Hilaria, which is now waiting for
the actor has a third child, she walks a lot with them in common with Alec offspring —
two-year eight-month-old Carmen and Rafael. And it just so happened that both
the child’s blonde and not too similar to his mother. Besides, Hilaria born
in Mallorca, trying to keep her children mastered not only English but also her
native language, so she often talks to his kids in Spanish.

Not surprisingly, passers-by, in the end, often take
her Spanish nanny! Moreover, the people whom she saw for the first time in my life, more than once offered her a place nannies in their families, promising good pay.
And each time, I was very surprised when she did not accept their generous offer. So
that Hilaria has to laugh it off. “I would certainly, gladly looked after
for your children, if I never would have almost three children!” — usually
meets the wife of Baldwin.

However, the wife of Alec not offended — she finds
these scenes are funny. Besides, Hilaria believes that Carmen and Rafael for her
still similar, though not in appearance! “I have evidence that this is exactly
my children!” — wrote the actor’s wife on his page in the social network. And Hilaria,
which the greater part of his life he worked as a yoga instructor, has posted pictures
Carmen. One of them a girl, climbing on the table trying to take
intricate position. “My daughter is doing some crazy yoga asana directly into
table. Besides, I think she borrowed some of my
wardrobe!” — signed under the image Hilaria.

Carmen, daughter Hilaria and Alec

Photo: @hilariabaldwin Instagram

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