Кэти Перри оголилась, призывая идти на выборы

The singer starred in the movie Comedy channel Funny Or Die.

To encourage the citizens to come on 8 November for the elections of the President of the United States, all means are good, including full exposure. That showed Katy in a funny video.

Waking up with popcorn and candy in her hair, the singer assures that it does not matter what is put on the person who will come to vote for the future President, pajamas or t-shirt, in the name of democracy, any appearance is OK. And even the complete absence of clothing. However, here it did not accept the police, who arrested bare at the polling station singer. “I read the Constitution,” says the singer. — I have the right to vote naked!” “Read carefully or quickly thumb through?” – says the police. “Come to the polls. Who cares what you’re wearing. Put on anything,” reads the final caption of the video.