Юлия Хлынина рассказала, как пострадала на съемках
The star of the film “Duelist” after the filming had to restore their appearance.

Yuliya Khlynina

Photo: Elizabeth Karpushkina

Yuliya Hlynina shared a recipe that helped her cure her damaged on the set of eyelashes and eyebrows.

“It turns out that such simple and accessible to all remedies like burdock and castor oil, great help! After castor, for example, hair
begin to grow much more intense. And one way I have cured not only the hair,
but the lashes that I have clarified with the eyebrows for one
the film project. Eyelashes then suffered, thinned out, it was very unpleasant. And here I am every night
was before going to sleep apply on them castor oil. Imagine in two weeks they not only
grown, but also become thicker.”

The actress said that often uses professional cosmetics, but not give up my grandmother’s recipes.

“For example, I rinse the hair in the solution
vinegar with water and use it as conditioner after shampoo, then wash — shared the star of the movie “Duelist”. True,
the smell remains for a long time, it is necessary to endure, but the hair
become soft and manageable”.

The family of Yulia kept secret recipe of beauty, which got them quite by accident. “Somehow we got to talking about
School-Studio of MKHAT with a strange grandmother, whom I helped to bring bags. And suddenly she asks me: “Honey, you know
how old am I?” I assumed that she was about sixty.
When she replied that she was over ninety, I couldn’t believe it. And then she said,
that for many years uses a cream that makes itself. I told my mom, she did it, and we became them
to use it. The cream was magical! It smoothes wrinkles,
heals minor cracks, moisturizes the skin. A simple recipe: squeeze a tube of baby cream (40 mg), add by pipette 5 drops of olive oil and vitamin E and extract of aloe juice (1 tsp). Brew chamomile collection (sold at pharmacies) and add in a Cup 1 tsp of broth. Mix everything carefully. Cream can use it in the morning and in the evening.”

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