Бывшая участница «Дома 2″ будет судиться с проектом

Participant reality project “Dom-2” Elina Kamiren going to sue the show organizers for distributed video erotic content. They not only showed it in the broadcast, but posted on the website. Elina is outraged to the limit – video of an intimate nature, she was stolen by hackers, hacking the phone, and she certainly wasn’t prepared for the fact that now he can see anyone. Kamiren promised to sue the “House-2”

Elina said that filmed a video for the beloved, and a stream it is considered an insult, destroying her reputation.
“The dirt, someone started to create a false strange story that I am a prostitute-escortsite. Several people have already refused to cooperate with me because of this,” said Elina and stated that its interests in court will present all well-known lawyer Sergei Zhorin. Together, they gathered to seek justice and compensation for moral damages.
“First, it is a violation of the Criminal code, which prohibits the illegal collection, storing and dissemination of information about private life. Accordingly, the application will be submitted to law enforcement agencies. Next, will be sued for the illegal use of images, and deleting all resource demanding compensation of moral harm” — commented Zhorin.
He defended his girlfriend and Alain Vodonaeva, saying that “all women send their men like video, and indignant at the lack of channel TNT ethical considerations.
“Why this channel? After all, Elina is no longer a member of the project. They do have the right to do this?” — protested Alena.