Katy Perry apologized to Taylor swift

Кэти Перри принесла свои извинения Тэйлор Свифт

Girls it’s time to move on and forget about strife. Singer Katy Perry has forgiven his colleague Taylor swift for everything that happened between them and asked for forgiveness. The artist did this in an interview with Ariana Huffington on Saturday, June 10.

“I’m ready to let this go,” said 32-year-old actress – “I have forgiven her and I’m sorry for everything I ever did. I hope for the same from her side. I think it’s time for us to reconcile and forget the past. There is a much bigger problem in the world. You know what I mean?
I love her and wish her all the best. I consider her a very talented songwriter. We belong to those strong women who are doing the same things, despite their differences. I think the whole world will support us. I may not agree with some of the things she does, but she doesn’t like what I do, but I really really want to get back together with her at the point of love and forgiveness, understanding and compassion,” said Kathy.
Recall that the feud pop stars began a few years ago. According to swift, Katie turned her dancers just before the world tour, which caused much inconvenience to the team and anger the singer. Soon the quarrel Taylor and her colleagues went to the creative plane: they began covertly to hint at each other in sarcastic songs.