Julia Udintsev plans to take the daughter of Alexei Panin

Юлия Юдинцева планирует забрать дочь у Алексея Панина

The ex-wife of the infamous Russian actor Alexey Panin Julia Udintsev plans to take the artist they shared a daughter of the NUS. Girl kidnapped by father, many years living with him. For custody of the girl her parents are mired in litigation. A few weeks ago Alex told subscribers to his page in the social network, that the court allowed his daughter to live with him, but the scandalous video, which appeared one after the other last week, marked a new round of litigation. Julia is sure that living with a pervert, a child cannot, and need to quickly get my daughter back.

The lawyer of Udintseva sure that their immoral behavior is affecting the spiritual and moral development of your child. The lawyer told journalists Days.Ru, what time of the hearing, the child told her father she’d participated in group sex and took her to a nudist beach. All these details of the case invited a lawyer, recently took on the legal protection of the interests of Julia, undisguised horror.
At the moment the court decision, according to which the NUS living with his father, is preparing to appeal and related documents have been filed.
Recall that the Network one after another began to appear shocking videos with the participation of the artist. One of them he’s in lingerie and drunk wanders sleeping areas of Ulyanovsk and Masturbates, and the other and even engaged in oral sex with a man.
Panin already commented on the appearance of videos on the Internet. According to Alexey, they are from his personal archive was kidnapped by the cyber criminals. The actor admits that he himself disgusting to look at themselves, but blame their actions on alcohol.