Katy Perry and Orlando bloom were spotted cooing at the concert

Кэти Перри и Орландо Блума заметили воркующими на концерте Singer Katy Perry and her ex-lover Orlando bloom last Saturday, was again seen together. Celebrity couple spent the evening at the concert of the popular British performer ed Sheeran. They held hands and kissed.

32-year-old Katy Perry and 42-year-old Orlando bloom once again spend time together. On the eve of the couple “spotted” at the concert of pop singer ed Sheeran in Los Angeles. Paparazzi managed to shoot a passionate kiss former lovers, although they tried to hide feelings behind the visors of their caps.

Eyewitnesses say that bloom and Perry all night literally did not depart from each other: hugging, holding hands and kissing. As soon as romantic photos leaked online, fans of the star couple talking about a possible reunion. However, neither the actor nor the singer of the official comments do not give, so fans are left wondering whether this was a manifestation of a moment of weakness or feelings have flashed with new force.

We will remind, about the affair Katy Perry and the ladies man Orlando bloom spoke after a party dedicated to the award ceremony “Golden globe” in January of last year. Some time later the rumors were confirmed: the paparazzi caught the lovers during a vacation in Hawaii. Soon, the actor was introduced to Cathy and her son Flynn, and she quickly found a common language with him. In December, the media reported that bloom has made his beloved proposal of marriage. The Hollywood gossip has all the buzz was about the upcoming wedding, but the celebration did not take place.

About six months ago the star couple suddenly announced a break. The tabloids reported that the initiator of this was the singer, but the real reason for the separation remained unknown. There were rumors that Orlando was afraid of serious intentions to Kathy as disappointed in marriage with Miranda Kerr, and tried to postpone the wedding. I remembered that in the Network appeared pictures of Hollywood handsome with different girls taken by the paparazzi. Fans speculated that it might arouse the jealousy of the bride and adversely affect their relationship.

In recent months, Katy Perry and Orlando bloom barely talked. On secular parties, they politely greeted each other and exchanged duty phrases. Against this background, public displays of affection is particularly significant and makes the fans hope for a speedy reunification of the star couple.