Bedridden NIN Doroshina not responding to the treatment

Прикованной к постели Нине Дорошиной не помогает лечение The famous actress, which many remember thanks to the title role in the cult film “Love and doves”, complained of health problems. The last time Nina does not get out of bed due to leg problems.
Прикованной к постели Нине Дорошиной не помогает лечение

Last weekend, 82-year-old people’s artist of the RSFSR Nina Doroshina had to go to the doctors. The woman felt bad and called the ambulance. Medical specialists made the star a few shots and left.

Journalists report that the condition of Nina Mikhailovna began to deteriorate after a heart attack which she suffered several years ago. Now Doroshina not get out of bed. Celebrities have almost no family left. Not so long ago passed away her favorite niece.

“It is hard for me. I did not get up and barely able to speak. Leg muscles atrophied, tormented by asthma and rheumatic pains, and heart aches constantly. I can’t believe I’m literally a year ago he was running in heels. Now nobody’s helping me. Am I the only one. Brother is also very sick, but to care for his wife, and no one to help me. However, neighbors and acquaintances sometimes buy food and medicine, thank them for it. But now, many vacations,” said Nina.
Прикованной к постели Нине Дорошиной не помогает лечение

For the well-being of celebrity watching the local doctor. However, the course of treatment prescribed by the specialist Dorosini, it is not very helpful. “Doctor said it’s age and nothing to do with it,” commented celebrity.

Nina says she needs an expert on diseases of the feet. The care that is now given to the actress, it seems insufficient. “I deserve decent care, I still people’s artist,” he told the star.

In the past year, died honored artist of Russia Vladimir Zemlyanikin, one of the most popular actors of the 50-60s of the Last years of his life, he courageously fought with cancer. In 2011, the actor was diagnosed with cancer of the third degree. Nina Doroshina was the first serious love of Vladimir Zemlyanikin. Despite the fact that celebrity broke up, they kept good relations. Due to health problems the woman was unable to attend the funeral of a loved one. In an interview, she admitted that the news of the death of a colleague became for her a heavy blow.

However, Nina Doroshina believes that she will manage to cope with the emerging difficulties. The actress wants to get back to work. She believes that the sums students. “I must rise and return to my favorite theater and my students”, – quotes actress “Moskovsky Komsomolets”.

Recall that the star of the film “Love and pigeons” is a Professor at the drama school named Shchukin. In addition, since 1959, Nina works in the “contemporary”. Just the actress, more than two dozen roles in the movie.