Kathleen Jenner insulted transitory

Кейтлин Дженнер оскорбили трансофобы

Leaving the award ceremony of the British LGBT Awards in London this weekend, American woman-transgender Kathleen Jenner, former Olympic athlete Bruce Jenner, faced with homophobic insults that are now investigated by the police.

At the ceremony, the 67-year-old Caitlin was an honorary guest of the event. In 2015, the reality star was awarded the prize for his courage to speak about your transformation publicly. The BBC reported that Jenner was an insult, leaving the Grand Connaught Rooms. Someone from the crowd began to shout bad words at her, the police were called, which is now investigating the crime hate and homophobia.
Recall that three years ago, Bruce was married to reality star Kris Jenner was raised with her two daughters. He also has other children from previous marriages. In 2013, he began his transformation by removing his Adam’s Apple allegedly from medical advice but turning Bruce into a woman was too much. He started to grow hair, paint nails, and soon and completely filed for divorce, stating that he always wanted to become a woman. In February of this year, he underwent the last operation, getting rid of the penis and having female genitals and the “freedom you have always dreamed of.”
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