Ex-husband Dana Borisova wants to live with her daughter

Бывший муж Даны Борисовой хочет жить с дочерью

While the well-known Russian TV presenter Dana Borisova is being treated from drug addiction, her ex-husband Maxim Aksyonov claims to be nine-year-old daughter Pauline. A man wishes to determine the place of residence of the girl, namely through the courts to establish where and with whom now the child will live.

Feldman sued, and the lawsuit asks a judge to let daughter live with him, he is not going to prevent her communication with Dana. Pauline now lives in his apartment, there she was sent Polina herself, unwilling to let her child lived with her grandmother, mother Borisova. Celebsonline fears that the mother will take her to perch.
By the way, Ekaterina Ivanovna, the mother of This, I’m sure Feldman is going to take away from the Borisova rights of the child, taking advantage of her absence and specific treatment abroad. We will remind that Ekaterina Ivanovna became the initiator of treatment daughter. She spoke on the radio talk show “Let them talk” with the statement that her daughter needed help. She told me that she was Given for many months is under the influence of drugs and alcohol, and Pauline became a witness of that. The last time the girl lived with the father. Dana was thrilled that the former husband gives her daughter something she lacked during her life — her love and attention.
In anticipation of the rumors spread by Catherine Ivanovna, Maxim told the media that he agreed with Dana at the beginning of the year.
“The court addressed only to determine the place of residence of Pauline with me. To deprive Dana of parental rights and forbid her to communicate with her daughter I do not plan to. Moreover, with Dana we agreed on this even in the winter. Unfortunately, all of these people have no concept of conscience and morality and just make money on it” — said Aksenov.
Meanwhile, Dana has realized his mistakes and ready to change for his daughter. She takes care and follows all the recommendations of the experts.