Катерина Шпица решилась на откровенный снимок
The actress for the first time in many years appeared before the fans in a bikini.

Katherine Spitz with his sister

Photo: @Instagram katerinashpitsa Catherine Spitz

Katerina of the Spitz — winner of one of the most spectacular figures in the Russian film industry. However, its popularity, unlike many, she seeks not a demonstration of naked body, and his acting talent. Katerina is one of the few stars in the microblog which is almost impossible to find any candid shots. Spitz with his head immersed in his profession and did not consider it necessary once again to undress to attract attention.

However, recently the sister of the actress was persuaded to take a picture in the swimsuit, which made the present furor among her fans. “A rare occasion when I got caught in a swimsuit! Sister, everything is possible!” she said. Fans peppered the 30-year-old Katherine compliments. A large part of the flattering words had been addressed to “aspen” waist actress.

Incidentally, Spitz than once honestly admitted that he does not like to sit on diets. This, incidentally, can be seen on her page on the social network. A glass of beer, a great Burger or chocolate ice cream can hardly be attributed to a healthy lifestyle. However, such relief is only happen on vacation. The rest of the time she doesn’t limit itself in meal, but still ensures that the food was useful. Slim and toned body, and still merit the love of Catherine to the sport. Regular fitness trainings are an integral part of the life of the artist.

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