Меган  Фокс родила третьего ребенка!
Eldest sons of the actress prepared for the emergence of a brother.

Megan Fox with her husband

Photo: Instagram.com

Only now, after almost a week, Megan Fox announced that she became a mother for the third time. As it turned out, she decided not to bring to this event attention. And then, finally, coming to himself, yesterday gave the first TV interview on this topic. But the Internet is first about the birth of another member of the family, Megan said portal

30-year-old actress had another, already the third son. That Fox is expecting a boy, said her father Franklin. “Megan is a terrific mother, and that she would have three sons — it’s just
great! I’m happy to be a grandfather. Besides, the birth of my
made me closer to my grandchildren with their mother, I am very pleased!” he said.

it is reported, had a normal delivery. The happy parents named the baby Journey
River. The two eldest sons Megan — 3 year old
Noah and 2-year-old Bodhi is a very happy appearance younger brother. According to the actress, Bodhi has long wanted to hold the baby in her arms and
to bottle-feed it. And in anticipation of this possibility persistently practiced on dolls, learned to swaddle and change diapers.

As for
the parents of the little Journey — Megan and Brian Austin green are absolutely
happy. However, Megan’s pregnancy was a surprise to everyone. The fact is,
that, as previously reported, last August the couple decided to divorce.
So when it became known that Fox is pregnant, still could not understand who
his father. However, Brian confessed that he and Megan made it up, and she carries
his child.

As told
actress, she was always sure that she will have a child
it seemed that becoming a mother is her destiny. “However, I can’t even imagine
could that will so quickly give birth to three sons!” — admitted Megan.

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