Кейт Аптон рассказала о материнстве и грудном кормлении

Кейт Аптон рассказала о материнстве и грудном кормлении

In 2018, the famous American model Kate Upton first became a mother. Daughter Genevieve model gave birth to in wedlock with American baseball player Justin Verlander. Kate was on maternity leave a couple of months, then she returned to her career and the filming for the popular gloss.

So the other day she became the cover face of well-known Internet publication, by tradition, the model gave a short interview for the magazine, which talked about the difficulties of motherhood. Upton do about the information that the first month she decided to feed her daughter breast, but this greatly affected her health. It seemed to her that the baby is completely sucks the energy and strength from the body, so breastfeeding had to stop. The model realized that she needs time to calm down and restore your body.

Kate admitted that while nursing daughter in public, she is often faced with a certain pressure. Now, however, see things differently, we can say simply. According to the model, the daughter has completely changed the life of the spouses. Changed Outlook on life, a new reason to live and rejoice. She and her husband agreed that there will be less to bring hand phones to make the perfect photograph. Kate and Justin have decided that the daughter should not think that the phone is the most important thing in human life.

Also previously, the model was told that she was very difficult to return to perfect shape after giving birth. It took several months for the body to become beautiful. And Kate admitted that she doesn’t like the strict measurements that must be suitable model, because it becomes boring to watch on the runway.

In her opinion, there should be a movement in the direction of diversity of models in the fashion world. Some clear standards are required to leave on the second plan. However, she thinks to realize this will take a lot of time. So now it is important to look perfect.

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