Андрей Баков дал показания про загадочное выпадение из окна его возлюбленной

Андрей Баков дал показания про загадочное выпадение из окна его возлюбленной

11 January 2020, the known 19-year-old model Kseniya performed same functions fell out of the window of the apartment of Andrei Borkov. According to the testimony of a friend of Xenia, the girl was beaten at a party and then tried to get rid of it, throwing out a third floor window. Initially, the performed same functions were lost memory, and later the doctors managed to return the girl aware. Xenia admitted that he is a sweetheart Andrei Borkov and she fell from the window of his apartment.

The model has told that likes to sit on the windowsill in the apartment of the beloved and to work at this time on the tablet. In a tragic night, she had too much to drink alcohol, Andrew went to bed, and she traditionally sat with the tablet on the window sill. Resulting in broke and fell out of the window. Xenia confirmed the fact that Tanks not guilty and he didn’t know what had happened.

Friend Ksenia Ales Kafelnikov continues to declare publicly that the girl was beaten at the party, which was organized by Andrew. But the parents are to blame all the forces trying to buy their children, that the truth came out.

Andrew recently gave evidence to law enforcement authorities, he adhered to the original version that when he got home immediately went to sleep. How and why the girl fell from the window he does not know. The guy found out about the tragic accident after his door called the police and told everything.

Near the investigative Committee of Russia Andrei waited for the journalists, but to answer their questions the guy refused. Quickly got into the car and left the territory of the police.

Recall that in the result of a fall from the window Xenia received multiple injuries: hip, pelvis, lung and spine. The model has already undergone one major surgery, doctors say that more of her life threatens nothing.

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