Мила Йовович рассказала фанатам о плохом самочувствии на последних сроках беременности

Мила Йовович рассказала фанатам о плохом самочувствии на последних сроках беременности

44-year-old Hollywood actress Milla Jovovich at the moment is expecting her third child. About how it is difficult to survive the third trimester of pregnancy celebrity wrote a post on the social network Instagram, which was a real cry from the heart. To date there are still two weeks, and the actress had big problems with health and sleep.

Mila wrote that she has a very badly swollen feet, and now they resemble the feet of an elephant. She also complained of severe pain in the back and hips, and the incessant trips to the toilet. The actress can’t sleep and admits that it was her very annoying, she’s worried that a third child can take the same character as their eldest daughter. Then the next few years the couple simply cease to properly relax.

In the photo, which was published by a celebrity is seen the stomach of considerable size, and very tired of actress, but her husband Paul is seen in the background in a very good mood.

That Mila pregnant with my third child, the public learned personally from her. In August 2019, the actress posted on Instagram with a photo where she is depicted with a rounded tummy. This circulation fans learned that a few years ago, Jovovich had surgery of abortion. However, this process was forced, the pregnancy was life-threatening Sweet. For this reason, the actress and her husband Paul Anderson decided early not to talk about the third child. As admitted herself Pretty, she was afraid to get attached to the child because of his young age and health problems.

However, the third pregnancy went great, except the last week. Complications for the entire period is not detected, and in two weeks we will know who will give birth to the actress. However, now a celebrity feels not the best way, therefore, would podeschi to share in the comments your own experience. To tell the difficulties they have encountered the last months of pregnancy to realize she’s not the only one in this world.

It is worth Recalling that Nice and the Floor is already two beautiful daughters, 11-year-old eve and 4-year-old Dashiel. From the public pair made no secret of the gender of the third child, they will also become a girl.

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