Американская певица Lizzo в золотистом купальнике на фотосессии на Новозеландском пляже

American singer, Grammy-nominated rapper and actress Melissa Viviane Jefferson, better known under the nickname Lizzo shined its curvy shape and curves in a gold swimsuit on a photoshoot during a trip to new Zealand Piha beach, than managed to share in its history in Instagram.
During his recent trip to Auckland, New Zealand, the festival FOMO, 31-year-old popular singer and author of many popular hits shook the gold swimsuit with the straps on the Piha beach and demonstrated their sexy pictures in Instagram.
“I love you. You are beautiful. You can do anything. (Repeat)”, — the singer has signed a series of photos posted on his page in Instagram.
The first picture Lissa settled on his knees on the beach with one foot resting on her hand, causing her Monokini of the metal gold, tied at the waist with a belt just above the waistline and hem with a high neckline, was fully shown. With her hair tilted to the side, it complemented my suit necklace with gold chain and reflective sunglasses.
In the second image in slideshow post Lizzo moved and stood in front of a gigantic rock, leaning against the boulder with his outstretched leg, giving the camera a strong posture.

List, of course, was reason to celebrate her eight nominations for the Grammy award.
List posted a video after the photo shoot on the beach, dancing in the bathroom in a Golden suit and provocatively untied his belt.
Along with its video, she wrote: “currently nominated for 6 NAACP Image awards, 8 Grammy awards, 6 iHeart music awards, 1 Brit award, and I’ve ALREADY WON!
“Why we celebrate, looking at her body? Why does this matter? Why don’t we celebrate her music?”, said 45-year-old Michaels, discussing the reputation List.
Fans of the singer immediately attacked Michaels, then coach celebrity issued a statement on her Instagram later in the day:
“As I have repeatedly stated, we all are beautiful and equally worthy. I also firmly believe that we love ourselves enough to recognize that there are serious health consequences, which are accompanied by obesity — heart disease, diabetes, cancer, to name a few of them,” said Michaels in Instagram.
“I would never wish that on anyone and hope that we will give priority to our health because we love ourselves and our body.”

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Currently nominated for 6 NAACP Image awards | Grammy awards 8 | 6 iHeart music awards | Brit award, 1 | AND IVE ALREADY WON! In the words of @saintrecords “black girls are grammys muthafuckaaaaa”

Publication from Lizzo (@lizzobeeating) 15 Jan 2020 at 4:02 PST

Other celebrities joined in the discussion, actress Jamila Jamil began to protect Lissa, condemning the statements of Michaels, wishing the detractors don’t bother fat people and not to pour buckets of their garbage.

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