Катя Жужа чудом выжила в страшной аварии At the moment the TV host was in the car with her husband and child. The star of the reality show “Dom-2” recalls with horror the accident, in which hit inadvertently. According to Katya’s Zsuzsa, accident consequences are felt till now. Now the announcer is trying to be careful on the road.

      The news presenter of the popular project “Dom-2” Kate Susan admits that conducts behind the wheel a lot of time. A woman feels confident enough on the roads since I learned to fly as a teenager, and the first machine she had in 18 years. Despite the impressive driving experience, three years ago, Susan nearly lost his life, got into a terrible accident. Moreover, she was with the people close to her – her husband and daughter.

      “We were driving along a two lane road and went to overtake KAMAZ. The driver didn’t notice us, passed to the left – there was a sharp clash. We got thrown off the road into the woods, the car caught fire, but we remained intact. Arrived on the scene, the traffic police advised us to go to Church and light a candle – usually in such cases, the engine goes into the cabin and punches people in the chest, but it is in this model car the engine fell down, which helped us to survive,” says Kate.

      After such a terrible accident, in which only a miracle helped to survive all the family of Zsuzsa, the presenter was extremely careful on the roads and not allow themselves to dangerous maneuvers. However, even this did not save her from a collision just six months after the first accident. Kate couldn’t explain the incident nothing but mysticism.

      “At the turn to my house in just a day removed a traffic sign permitting a left turn, but I didn’t know about it and out of habit turned. My car flew into the Audi, I was thrown into the oncoming lane, injuring five cars. After that, I was in the hospital, and one of the huge bruises on my body and not absorbed. Apparently, the ill-fated 2013, I crossed the road, otherwise I do not know how to explain these terrible circumstances,” says Susan.

      Katya said that he tries to always observe traffic rules, so trouble with the police she is not there. Nevertheless, Susan admits that sometimes she has to pay fines for minor violations – unfastened seat belt, or speeding for several miles. However, the presenter admits that chasing through the streets only occasionally and only on the machine of your choice.

      “After such cases the beloved always come fines for violation of speed. But generally this is rare. After the accident I behave on the roads carefully”, – said Susan in an interview with “House-2”.