Смотри, но не трогай: на Ким Кардашьян напал журналист

Ukrainian journalist Vitaly Seduc tried to kiss Kim Kardashian in the buttocks at fashion Week in Paris.

This fashion Week in Paris Kim Kardashian (Kim Kardashian) will remember for a long time. When American TV star walked through the crowd of paparazzi, the notorious Ukrainian journalist Vitaly Seduc ran to her and tried to kiss him in the buttocks.

Security Kardashian quickly grabbed the reporter and threw him on the ground. In his instagram the journalist later explained motives of the act:

“I expressed my protest to Kim for the use of implants in the buttocks. I urge her and other members of the Kardashian family to promote natural beauty among adolescent girls who follow them blindly protect them.

PS that day I was sitting in a posh restaurant, free Wi-Fi and eat ice cream. Suddenly, I saw paparazzi surrounding the car, which left Kim Kardashian. I swear, I didn’t know that she should be there. The idea that came to my mind instantly. Does this mean that I’m not stalking celebrities, but they are attracted to me? Funny! All a pleasant evening, I must go and eat your ice cream”.

I was protesting Kim for using fake butt implants. I encourage her and the rest of Kardashian clan to popularise natural beauty among teenage girls who follow and defend them blindly. PS. I was sitting there outside the posh restaurant to use free wifi and eating my ice-cream. When all of a sudden, the pack of paparazzi came out and the car with Kim Kardashian. I swear I didn’t know she was going to be there. So I had to come out with an idea very fast. Does it mean if I don’t go to celebrities, they come to me? Lol Have a nice evening everybody! I have to finish my ice-cream.. Photo credit: Goffphotos # @ kimkardashian

Photo published by Vitalii Sediuk (@vitaliisediuk) Sep 28 2016 10:47 PDT

Before fashion Week in Milan, Seduc attacked the supermodel Gigi Hadid (Gigi Hadid).

In September 2014, also at fashion Week in Paris Vitaly Seduc attacked Kim Kardashian. He attacked her when she came out of the car.