Kate Susan checked on her husband’s infidelity

Катя Жужа проверила мужа на измену Evil tongues told the star of “House-2” information about infidelity. Kate Susan did not miss the opportunity to call back to the restaurant where he saw her blessed in the company of unfamiliar blonde.

      Катя Жужа проверила мужа на измену

      The news presenter “House-2” Kate Susan returned to stay at the famous luxury resort of Saint-Tropez. Star had a good time in the company of singer, Tanya Tereshinoy and other friends. However, upon arrival to Russia it was an unpleasant surprise.

      Evil tongues whispered to Susan that she is slacking on the Cote d’azur, her husband didn’t waste any time and was spotted in the company of unfamiliar blonde in St. Petersburg. Katya did not believe the words of detractors, however, decided to test the faithful, just in case.

      “Thanks to my “good podeschi” for what I wrote, as you saw my husband Peter with the blonde. I contacted this restaurant (the type where you saw it), in Oleg wasn’t there. You made a mistake, or just wanted us to fight. We are all great thank you so much worry for us,” wrote an angry followers Susan.

      It should be noted that the reaction of the fans of Catherine at her action has been very mixed. Some supported the girl, saying that they would have done as well. Others have criticized the act of Zsuzsa, calling it humiliating.

      “Why would you check, you don’t trust your husband?”, “Contacted the restaurant?! God, how embarrassing”, “It is necessary, so do not believe your man, as much for the cameras to check”, “Here it is you want – even in public checks to do. Pay no attention to all these conversations. Trust. And intuition will never fail, if something is wrong. Don’t lose these girls. And not stoop to their level. Take care of yourself and your relationship”, “I would not have even checked, would have laughed heartily,” said Kate considered groupies.

      We will remind, the news presenter of “House-2” has recently married his chosen Oleg Vinnik. The lovers did not arrange a luxury wedding star just published a photo in which fans considered her ring finger wedding ring. Now the couple enjoys the pleasures of family life. It is possible that conversations about meeting the husband of Zsuzsa with another woman, only a manifestation of envy on the part of podeschi Katie.