Swami Dashi hide the details of their personal lives

Свами Даши скрывает подробности личной жизни Mystic has built a protective barrier around your family. Swami Dashi prefers not to talk about their loved ones the General public. He thinks this topic is forbidden for discussion.

      One of the most mysterious of the participants of “Battle of psychics” Swami Dashi for several series never ceases to amaze viewers. In the latest edition of the program with the help of special techniques he helped the heroine to cope with feelings of fear. The woman was afraid to be in the house, which they recently purchased with her husband.

      On the life of Swami Dashi is little known. The member of the mystical show of channel TNT has a wife and four children. The wife of a psychic helping him with training and meditation center. However, Swami prefers not to talk about their family.

      Spouse Swami Dashi develops his business

      “I love solitude and silence, they find their lives and the lives of their families are taboo to others. Names, dates, specific information, give people an extra opportunity to penetrate the protective barrier that I painstakingly created many years, to protect yourself and your family from strangers”, said Swami.

      Dasha learned a lot of mysterious skills during his stay in India and Tibet. Psychic admits that he misses those days. He spent many years in the Osho Ashram in Pune. There the mystic was engaged in different practices, in which he studied, fasted and meditated. According to Dasha he rested thus from society. He was fortunate to meet teachers who radically changed his views. As Swami says these mentors are still the core of his life.

      While living in the Ashram Dasha learned how to treat people. The skills he brings in the work on the project “Spirit-Soul-Body”, whose founder he is. In the meditation Center, Swami helps people to find harmony with yourself.

      Dasha got its name from mentor, the so-called Master. As told by mystic Life.ru first he had to ask every hour yourself, is it his name or not. Every day ask this question should have been less. “Once you stop asking because you already be the vector that gave you the master and you only have one name”, – said the participant of the show “Battle of psychics.”