Кейт Миддлтон признана самой стильной британкой

And again the most stylish British woman recognized the Duchess of Cambridge, aka wife of Prince William Kate Middleton. These results of a survey conducted by Rakuten Marketing Agency, became known on the eve of fashion Week in London. Residents of Albion have recognized Kate wash of influential British women in the fashion world.

According to the results, 29% of British women want to dress like Middleton, and try to copy her style skinny jeans, shirts, dresses a la Kate became the bestseller of the British boutiques.
In addition to the wife of the Prince, women in the UK also like Rita Ora, Emma Watson, Ellie Goulding, and Zoe of Sagg, blogger, known under the name Zoella. The latter inherits a British youth. As shown by further studies of social networks also influence the choice of buyers. 26% of women admitted that they bought the thing only because I saw her in the social network or on someone of the celebrities.