Юрий Лоза порассуждал о неравном браке Натальи и Ивана Краско

Few believed that it would last so long, however, September 9, Natalia and Ivan Krasko celebrated the first wedding anniversary. The age difference is more than half a century does not bother spouses, they feel happy and enjoy every day. The most interesting to watch this pair, but not all treat her so graciously. For example, the singer Yuri Loza sees in this relationship nothing is charming.

In a post published to Facebook, Vine admitted that many aspects of this Union it is not clear: “the Whole year our media relish (sounds interesting, isn’t it) details of marriage to 85-year-old Ivan Krasko with a 25-year-old girlfriend Natasha. I don’t like to dig in another’s linen, so I don’t want to spread gossip and rumors, and just wish the young happiness in your personal life, peace in the family and full mutual understanding. By the way,the same media talking about the constant motion of the newlyweds meet each other, he bought himself the extreme hopping roller skates, and she set wool accessory called “Tie my grandfather-the veteran of the scarf and warm socks.” But I was always tormented by the question — as a young groom needs to contact the bride’s mother, if he is forty years her senior? And to the grandmother of his lady, if she could be his daughter? Here’s a riddle…” — posted Vine.

By the way, with my mother-in-law Ivan Krasko is not familiar. The young wife did not submit her husband’s mother, for the simple reason that she lives in Sevastopol, and to pay a visit to the Peninsula, the couple has not yet been obtained.

Note that many subscribers Vines supported him in reasoning. And what about it you say?