Depeche Mode готовят полное переиздание всех своих клипов

British band Depeche Mode long time did not please their fans with new material. To remind fans, the musicians decided to re-release all of their clips taken over their long history.

Collection of videos will be called “VideoSingles Collection” and will consist of three discs.

The presentation of the collection will take place on 11 November 2016. “VideoSingles Collection” will be collected 55 clips of groups, 4 additional videos and more than two hours of comments from musicians.

Note that each clip according to its content and design is significantly different from most videos of other performers and groups. In the videos Depeche Mode there is a certain mysterious and mystical atmosphere, which can not cast a spell.

“Visuals have always played an important role in how we wanted to convey the music of Depeche Mode to the world. It was very cool to go back and revive all those feelings and memories that evoke these videos after so many years. It’s amazing that now they are all gathered in one place. We hope our fans enjoy this journey in time is not less than us”, — reads the statement of the members of the group.