Future insulted Ciara in his new song

Future оскорбил Сиару в своей новой песне

Ex-fiancé Ciara and the father of her son, rapper future (Future) few days ago released a brand new song “How It Feel”, which, as I suspect his fans, he mentioned his ex-girlfriend. In a five-minute track 32-year-old rapper talks about sexual relationships and marijuana and then goes on “lyrical character”, which quite possibly suggests Ciara.

“I made you, bitch/ You were a nobody to me/ You’re nothing without me/ I gave you glory/ I’ve got you back in the charts/ I put you first..” — sung in the song.
This is not the first time a future “pass” in their songs for the woman he once loved and betrayed. Recall that the singer dumped her fiance in December 2014, knowing that while she had his son, he cheated on her with the wardrobe mistress.
Novel Ciara Russell Wilson haunted future, especially touched by the fact that the son of rapper, future Jr., who replaced his father. In the last few months of the relationship the former couple are strained to the limit, especially since the singer linked his fate with the basketball, which caused a few angry tweets. On the offended rapper Ciara pays no attention, especially because she plans to reduce its communion with the son to a minimum.