Кейт Миддлтон планирует третью беременность с помощью ЭКО

The pregnant wife of Prince William mentions in the press more often than any other events. British subjects and fans of the Dukes of Cambridge are dreaming to see their family, and therefore hope that Kate Middleton will soon be pleased with the news about the interesting position.

Until that officially happens, but informants who interact closely with the monarchs, said that attempts in this direction a couple does and even asked for help to the experts. According to rumors, Kate and William agree even on in vitro fertilization, only to have the third child.

Now Middleton can’t get pregnant due to lack of body weight, and also because of the constant nerves, which she feels, communicating with the family. Western journalists report that doctors strongly recommend Kate eat nutritious food and consume the more fat that will help the Duchess to restore reproductive function.

“Poor Kate, she’s absolutely exhausted. Physically and mentally,” says the informant.

Anyway, the Royal family Kate already gave two adorable children – Prince George and Princess Charlotte. I hope that with the third child if the couple really wants, no problems.