Стивен Спилберг покажет «женскую» сторону «Джона Уика»

Worldwide Thriller-Thriller “John Wick 2” has already begun. The picture with Keanu Reeves, his fans waited for long and now enjoy the game of your favorite actor on the screen.

While the PEC to fulfill Reeves fights for justice, Steven Spielberg is developing a new branch of the story.

Today it was announced that the Director decided to shoot a similar film, though, the role of the killer will be sung by a woman.

Owned by Steven Spielberg company Amblin Entertainment has acquired the script of the drama “Ruthless” — it talks about released in the rest of the murderer, which I find is incurable and inoperable tumor. To ensure the future daughter after his death, she decides to take up the last contract.

His directorial mastery in a new project, Spielberg does not show. In this case it is limited to only the production functions. But the production of the film will deal with the Creator of “Fault San Andreas” brad Peyton.

Roughly work on the female version of “John Wick” will begin in 2019.