Кейт Миддлтон дает советы по фотографии и рассказывает о детях

The fascination with Kate Middleton photo know it all: Kate is patron of the Royal photographic society of great Britain and loves to photograph her children. During a recent visit to Warren Park, the Duchess of Cambridge spoke about the Hobbies of the children and gave advice for creating quality pictures.

Middleton talked with two teenagers and told them about the passion of five Prince George and four year old Princess Charlotte. The Duchess said that her children love to be photographed outdoors and gave advice on the choice of the subject: “Just look at everything. Maybe it’s right in front of you, maybe far away, but choose your object and focus on it. Just go outside with a camera. George and Charlotte love it when we do”.

Kate has a lot of photos with her children outdoors. The Duchess loves spending time with children. “Even 10-15 minutes spent on the street, are of great importance for both physical and mental wellbeing,” she said.

Early Middleton have already talked about Hobbies. Kate wrote an open letter in support of a charity action “children’s hospice Week”: “to Spend more time with their children is an important aspect of family life. As a mom, I love the simple family moments, for example, to play with children on the street.”

The campaign was called “Life is short”, so Kate, who is the patron of the hospice center East Anglia”s Children’s Hospices since 2012, decided to write such a letter.

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