Виды колец и правила их ношения

Decorations can transform any woman, to make the image richer and more interesting. Unlike other types of jewelry, rings are always before my eyes. In the personal collection of a girl must be at least a few rings of various kinds.

Виды колец и правила их ношения

What are the rings

By construction, the rings are divided into simple and complex. The first consists of the rim (slices), the second will have a top of the insert and caste. Easy-to — apply standard wedding. They can be additionally decorated with perforation, engraving, trail of precious stones, openwork netting. Such products can be made from several types of metals. Their advantage is that they are combined with any jewelry. Prices on rings from this category less.

Complex rings have an insert. Most of these products catch your eye, but there may be modest, restrained. Typically, the main stone, which stands over the ham, surrounded by a scattering of smaller stones. Based on the style of decoration, the stone can be mounted ornate or simple way. Complex products are allocated a generous decoration:

  • enamel;
  • embossing;
  • drawing;
  • gilding;
  • filigree.

Traditional rings are rings, engagement, engagement. Engagement rings make a delicate and sophisticated. Originality and showiness are not welcome in the design. A married girl can wear this jewelry together with wedding.

If before the requirements for an engagement ring was strict, now the jewelers felt free and decided on a bold experiment. They depart from the usual classics – thick or thin rings, offering custom shapes and ornate surfaces. “Trinity”, “Eternity”, “Trilogy” several types of designs which choose beloved around the world.

Unusual and extravagant

Ring – ring, truly Royal accessory. Expresses power and authority. First believed to be a masculine ornament, not yet caught the fancy of women. Men began to wear gloves. They differ from the rings flat and not protruding from the face. Rings always have a large gem. Wear it in ordinary life – the bad, it is better to wear a decoration under a dinner suit.

Fancy goods – a choice ladies, accustomed to impress. They testify to the fine taste of women, emphasize its individuality. They don’t always have the fanciful design meet and laconic models, with easy charm. Such jewelry often give men girls, confessing his love.

Cocktail rings appeared in the era of “dry law”, which is why they embody a forbidden luxury and splendor. Being on the verge of shocking, they can boast an abundance of decorative elements, unusual shapes, combination of flashy stones. Wear them exclusively on output – for a party or celebration.

Ring-monogram allocated delicacy. The lace can weave stone or placed on a circle. Despite the massiveness, due to the delicacy they look elegant and feminine.

A domed ring has a cabochon – “sugar head” surrounded by precious metal. Her decoration is reminiscent of the dome. Bulk jewelry has long been worn by the kings, putting one on the index finger. Now they prefer to wear business lady.

Whatever kind of ring didn’t belong to, they always need to wear place. When buying new jewelry, you need to look to match the age, style, event, and in harmony with other accessories. It is important to consider the size of your fingers. Even a small ring can completely transform the look.

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