Kate Middleton fuels pregnancy rumors with clothes cut free

Кейт Миддлтон подогревает слухи о беременности одеждой свободного кроя

To public persons constantly attracted the attention of millions, and when in the media there are reports that one or another star is in an interesting position, this attention becomes twice.

Now millions of eyes are directed towards Kate Middleton. On the continuation of the celebration of the birthday of Queen Elizabeth II the Duchess of Cambridge appeared in the outfit of a boxy. “How can that be a topic for discussion?”, — you are curious.

Of course! Especially when you consider the immense love Catherine’s clothing slim silhouettes.

Кейт Миддлтон подогревает слухи о беременности одеждой свободного кроя

A hint of the pregnancy or trying to hide it, are obvious.

In addition to the unusual for Kate style clothing, many were also extremely intrigued by the fact that the person was the Duchess, against the habit, a little swollen, and have found it is also a symptom of her interesting position.

Note that in favor of pregnancy is evidenced by the refusal of the wife of Prince William to accompany him to the Olympics in Brazil, where as you know, now raging virus zika, which is very dangerous for women “in position”.

Is the new contender for the British throne really on the way?

What do you think, Lee Middleton pregnant?

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