Chaliapin and Kalashnikov has lost a lot of money, cancelling a wedding

Шаляпин и Калашникова потеряли огромные деньги, отменив свадьбу

May 24 was to be held the wedding singer Prokhor Chaliapin, the famous, however, his romantic relationships, and model Anna Kalashnikova, which a year ago gave birth to a child, as it later turned out, not from Prochorus.

Knowing this, the singer canceled the wedding, and no regrets that its decision has wasted a huge amount of money. It is about fifteen millions of rubles.
Anna Goroga, employee event company, which asked the bride and groom a few months ago told the details of the wedding, which is already, most likely, will not take place.
“For the bride we purchased three wedding dresses, each worth a million rubles. Created from the well-known Russian designers. Moreover, for Anya by special order was made veils long 24 meters at a cost of 200 thousand rubles. For Prochorus also purchased three wedding suit whose total value is 2 million rubles. Engagement rings cost them 1.5 million rubles,” — said Anna.
To swear eternal love and fidelity Prokhorov and Anna were under the wings of a huge glass birds, with a wingspan of up to five meters. Behind the design was to be placed the huge screen, which created the effect of flying.
To decorate the Banquet hall have been ordered white roses, poppies and peonies, and a thousand ears of wheat. Each guest couple was planning on “feeding” on 15 thousand roubles, and on alcoholic drinks to spend 700 rubles per person.
Recall that the previous wife of Prokhor was a businesswoman Larissa Kopenkina, much older artist at the age. Now Chaliapin claims that their marriage was a publicity stunt, but the four years insists that it was honestly and sincerely.

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