Kate Hudson spoke about the support her stepfather

Кейт Хадсон рассказала о подержке отчима

Everyone has long known that the civil husband of Goldie hawn Kurt Russell has replaced the father of her daughter Hollywood actress Kate Hudson. About the artist repeatedly said in numerous interviews. Recently, Hudson spoke about how his stepfather supported her after the lost Oscar.

Kate was nominated for the prestigious film award in 2001 as Best supporting actress in the film “Almost famous.” The title of the film became a prophecy – she “almost” won a coveted statuette, and, of course, upset.
“Curt told me the Golden words. “Congratulations, now you can go and do their thing.” I feel like I woke up from these words. Actually, for me it was of great importance. I was only 21 years old, there is still a life, and I was upset about such a trifle. It’s only acting, hot., I confess to Oscar at this age is priceless,” said Hudson.
Despite the fact that in 2001 she took home the award, this year Kate won a Golden globe for the role of penny lane in Cameron Crowe’s drama. now, with the height of past years, the actress is otherwise applicable to the awards, and to receive the statuette for her – not an end in itself.
“In our family, specific towards the work, and awards. I was taught by parents and that I teach my children that whatever you do, whatever you’re doing, do your job well,” said the actress.
By the way, neither Goldie nor Kurt was never proud of the fact that they are stars of the screen, and Kate says that for a long time and didn’t know what they are so famous.
“I had a more normal childhood than many may think. When I got older I began to understand who my mom and dad. They were famous for others, but for me they were just parents. They were very nice, attentive, gave me a lot of time, and I know that I have achieved success, thanks to their efforts,” said Kate.