Tom Hiddleston was comfortable filming a sex scene

Том Хиддлстон спокойно относится к съемкам в откровенных сценах

British actors are restraint in manners and speech, they elegant and educated, so don’t allow yourself something beyond the pale. Hollywood is full of British actors often refuse to be filmed in scenes of an erotic nature.


For example, Charlie Hunnam not long ago told me that he extremely likes to show passion and intimacy on screen because he is afraid of germs that can be transmitted from partner. Another Englishman Tom Hiddleston are more indifferent. The star of the show “Night administrator” refuses to play the love, if required by the Director. Note that in recent years the emergence of Tom naked in the frame became more frequent. Hiddleston admits that such a scene does not bring unpleasant emotions, because he happily agreed. “If it’s a theme part of the story, I have no problem with it,” says the Briton.