Kate Hudson spoke about her shock transferred

Кейт Хадсон рассказала о перенесенном ей  шоке
The actress has compared their experiences with childbirth.

Kate Hudson


Kate Hudson was never nervous lady. She always without hesitation
indulged in risky adventures and escapades. But this year 38-year-old actress had to experience
extreme emotions are not the result of a trip to the jungle or risky shots. It
experienced real shock… in the Barber chair!

The story began with the fact that the singer Sia, who decided to try himself as a Director
offered her to star in her musical project. And Kate readily agreed. It
not embarrassed even when I found out that for the role in the new film she will have
to get rid of his beautiful hair — get a haircut almost bald. Even when she
came to the beauty salon to carry out conceived, the Actress was quite
calm. But when the first strands of her Golden hair fell on the floor, Hudson was scared
and really.

“I wasn’t thinking about what would be the result of my undertaking until
began haircut. But suddenly I came up with the question: “what will
similar in the end my head? Suddenly her form will look awful? I experienced a horrible panic attack. You know, it was like a birth.
You never know who you’re going to have and how it will look until the baby is
will be born… And then when the haircut was finished, I felt
relief: the head was quite decent, all round! And then looked at
the floor and was horrified: there was so much hair! And all this, it turns out, I wore
the head… So going home, I was almost happy,” he said

But Kate was a surprise seeing her eldest, 13-year-old son of actress Bingham —
from her ex-husband Chris Robinson — was outraged. “Mom, you stole my style!” —
said the boy. However, after calming down, he suddenly noticed: “Hey, turns out we’re the same!” And now he
willingly gives advice the mother how she should put her already starting to grow