Became known the details of the accident with Marilyn Manson

Стали известны подробности несчастного случая с Мэрилином Мэнсоном
Singer believes that he was saved by a miracle.

Marilyn Manson


Marilyn Manson is finally discharged
from the hospital and explained to his fans what happened to him. As told
the singer, his injury received a few weeks ago during a concert in Manhattan
Center Hammerstein Ballroom in new York,
when it collapsed a heavy metal piece of scenery, was
serious enough, but still not as bad as it could be. And the fact
that he was still alive, Manson sees as the result of the intervention of “higher powers.”

“When the backdrop started to fall on me, I tried to push her away. But my
efforts were in vain – it was as hopeless as to fight with bare hands
iron monster. And time to jump aside I was gone. This
a large object fell on me, hitting his head and falling with all her weight on my leg. In
my tibia was fractured in two places. The pain was
unbearable…” said 48-year-old Manson.

“It took the efforts of six
person to rescue me from under me lying on the scenery. But
the thing is, I’m just incredibly lucky. This thing could even have
had to flatten my skull and ribs. I escaped with just a broken leg and
wounds to the head and chest. It’s so crazy that I see this
the intervention of divine power. It was like God hinted to me that I have to stop
to sing their songs is clearly not pleasing to God, but graciously left me alive!” — said Marilyn.

Alas, that lesson did not go to Manson for the future. As announced by the singer, cancel
because of carrying a particular case as many as 9 shows, in the near future he is going to return
to the concert activities. “I look forward to the moment when will again be able to go
on stage, albeit in the plaster!” said Marilyn.