Кейт Хадсон заявила, что ее муж беременный

39-year-old Kate Hudson is now waiting for the third child and expected to give birth in the coming weeks. Now she spends time with her family, trying not to strain and not to worry. It seems that it turns out she is fine, she calmly cracking jokes about her pregnancy and the weight of the father of the unborn child Danny Fujikawa for which, by the way, the child actress will be the first. Recently, the star of the movie “fool’s Gold” and “War brides” put Fujikawa funny photo in instagram and said that her husband also expecting a child.

Кейт Хадсон заявила, что ее муж беременный

Putting the photo Fujikawa, where he “cheated” as the stomach of his pregnant sweetheart, Hudson signed her: “Both pregnant”. She was decorated with the signature smiley face with a pregnant girl and a heart, so the intent of the photos was not. Fans appreciated the joke and covered the star with positive comments and wishes.

The actress is joking and enjoys her pregnancy. Kate would give birth in August, but unwind does not deny. Together with her lover Danny Fujikawa, Goldie hawn, Kurt Russell and actress parents vacationed in Greece.

The destination was the Greek island of Mykonos. The actress not only swims and basking in the sun, but also engaged in water aerobics. Yesterday, for example, the paparazzi took pictures of actress, who was standing near the boat. Perhaps, the star of the family had to go to sea adventure on the ship. The actress looked good, the rest obviously goes to good use.

Despite a holiday in Greece, Hudson did not forget about father’s day. She put on instagram a sweet photo and congratulated the signing of the fathers. “For me there is no one better than these fathers. I know that there are many people who feel the same way towards their families. And so it should be! Happy father’s Day to all the best dads in the world!” — wrote the star.

Now the actress feels good, but in the first month of pregnancy experienced inconveniences, which long have not visited the page in social networks. “If you were concerned about why I was not in the social networks so much time, I would say that it felt bad. From boomerangs… I was sick the Beginning of this pregnancy was the most difficult compared to previous one… We tried to keep the news as long as possible, but now it is already impossible to hide. My children, Danny, I and my family really happy! A little girl is on the way,” wrote Hudson in Instagram.