Звезда сериала «Бригада» о задержании: «Я сразу признался, что у меня с собой пистолет» According to media reports, Alexander Inshakov today arrested for illegal possession of a stun gun. The actor took the weapon and cartridges before the end of the world Cup. The actor himself denied the detention and says that he had all the documents in the possession of a revolver.
Звезда сериала «Бригада» о задержании: «Я сразу признался, что у меня с собой пистолет»

Alexander Inshakov has found itself in the center of a scandal – according to media reports, 71-year-old actor was detained in the capital’s world trade Center for weapons possession. In the glove compartment of the car stars of the TV series “Brigada” was a traumatic gun, the wearing of which in the period of the world Cup is considered banned.

However Inshakov says: information about the detention is not true. According to the actor, he was not aware of the new rules and, in addition, has a permit to possess firearms. Despite this, however, the gun and ammunition, the actor withdrew before the end of sporting events.

“StarHit” decided to contact the star to clarify the situation.

“Nobody detained me. There was a gun. I just went to the Parking lot, I was stopped and asked to show what’s in the trunk. I immediately said that there was a traumatic gun, a permit for it. I was told that not a gun to use during the Championships. We made a Protocol in place, and I gave the gun. 26th will take him back. Nothing terrible happened, all very simple and ordinary,” said Inshakov “StarHit”.

According to star, this situation deserves special attention. Inshakov bought a traumatic gun and used to carry it with you. The police were sympathetic to the situation, and so the artist did not have to go to the station.

In a bad situation Inshakov was because of the presidential decree of may 9, 2017. According to this document, for security purposes during the confederations Cup and the world Cup was tougher rules for carrying, transportation and use of office and other firearms. These restrictions will apply until July 25, 2018.

Alexander Inshakov is justly considered the most authoritative by stuntman of Russia. He did stunts for such films as “the Man from Boulevard des Capucines” and “Teheran-43”. but really he became famous after he played in the TV series “Brigada” in the film “Crusader”.

Now 71-year-old Inshakov head of the Guild of stuntmen of Russia. According to TASS, the traumatic gun Alexander carries for self-defense.