Kate Hudson reunited with former fiancé

Кейт Хадсон воссоединилась с бывшим женихом
Matthew Bellamy has impressed the actress

Matthew Bellamy Kate Hudson and children

Days attention
passers-by on the streets of London drew appearance at the Palace Theatre, one of the best theatres
city, a spectacular blonde with a knight, which was quickly identified popular
actress Kate Hudson and well-known musician, the soloist of the band Muse Matthew Bellamy. Next to them was the child looking
very happy, it was the son PRIV — Bingham.In overall, the company gave the impression
quite prosperous and happy family…

really, everything was not quite as it might seem. The fact that
Matthew and Kate are no longer a couple. They decided to leave in December
2014, and reunited on the occasion of the birth of son Bingham turned
five years. Moreover, the boy looked so happy, not only because he
it was nice to see mom and dad together. He was in the seventh heaven still because of the wonderful
gift which was presented to him by his father.

Matthew doesn’t
forgotten in time to book a ticket to the show of new pieces, continue
cycle novels by JK Rowling about Harry Potter. Although premiere will take place still
after almost three weeks all tickets for the first show has long sold out. But
thanks to the foresight Matthew Bingham will be among those who will see
the play first. And Kate appreciated by care Bellamy about his son.

Bellamy and Hudson had to pretend to their quarrels not to spoil
son the occasion. Having made the decision to part, they retained quite friendly
the relationship, although both had time since then to have not one affair with other
partners. Meeting from time to time for a son, and they communicate so freely and
friendly that photographed them paparazzi for a long time could not understand — not
decide whether the pair to be reunited again…

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