Анастасию Заворотнюк без макияжа перепутали с её дочкой
The actress showed natural beauty.

Анастасию Заворотнюк без макияжа перепутали с её дочкой

Anastasia Zavorotnyuk

Photo: @a_zavorotnyuk Instagram Anastasia Zavorotnyuk

Anna Zavorotnyuk

Photo: @Instagram anna_zavorotnyuk Anna Zavorotnyuk

Anastasia Zavorotnyuk,
which this year celebrated its 45th anniversary and was pleasantly surprised their fans.
The actress shared the picture, which appeared without makeup. Anastasia,
demonstrating the natural beauty, got in his address a lot
compliments. Members noted that for an artist working in grueling
shooting chart, Zavorotnyuk looks just fine. However, at first among
fans not all recognized the girl in the picture “most famous sitter”,
mistaking her daughter Anastasia — Anna, who, as you know, growing a copy

Incidentally, one of the
the main secrets of beauty Anastasia — love for bath and proper nutrition. It
this helps the actress to overcome the stress of the job that negatively affects
appearance. Besides, Zavorotnyuk spends a lot of time in the gym
hall. And all thanks to her husband Peter Chernyshev, who every morning wakes
the actress that was late to the pool or yoga. “Sport is very important,
especially for me. And most importantly, that my husband understands this and helps me, ” admits
Zavorotnyuk. But I’m not always correspond to its high lath. Sometimes up
through the power and go into the room with great reluctance”.

By the way, not so long ago
Anastasia told that helps her to maintain harmony in relations with
husband. As it turned out, the actress believes in the “power” of compromise. The ability
to adjust to a spouse helps her to avoid many problems in marriage. In addition
this, Anastasia is trying to be a woman and not assume male

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