Kate Gordon spoke about the “real disease” Anastasia Volochkova

Катя Гордон рассказала о «реальной болезни» Анастасии Волочковой
As the ballerina raises serious concerns among her colleagues in show business.

Катя Гордон рассказала о «реальной болезни» Анастасии Волочковой

Katya Gordon

Photo: @Instagram katyagordon Katie Gordon


Photo: @volochkova_a (Instagram Anastasia Volochkova)

Anastasia was the newsmaker of the Christmas holidays: naked in the bath poses for a photo on the twine to ride the stairs of his mansion, then attacked with curses on the world, they will present a mysterious lover… After seeing the subscribers of the ballerina, like her colleagues in show business, suspected that Anastasia is in urgent need of the assistance of competent professionals.

Kate Gordon offered Volochkova their help. She honestly admitted that he could no longer see, the former Bolshoi theater progresses “real disease”. She predicted her fate, Britney Spears, held, as you know, treatment for a nervous breakdown.

“Nastya, I as a psychologist I consider it my duty to offer help. I swear without any negativity. It’s really a disease… What “Maybach”, my good, I deserve… Who are you trying to prove?! What’s wrong with you?! Call me or write to votsap. I’ll help! promised Kate the ballerina. Otherwise you’re going to beat bald umbrella in the glass “Maybach” as a former Britney in the best case…”

In this unfolding scandal, obviously, will not cease. Soon Volochkova, who today arrived in the Maldives, will meet Gordon for her review online. We can safely assume that Anastasia is unlikely to agree to cooperate with Katya and, moreover, will be deeply offended by the statement Gordon. Detractors Volochkova (a lot of them!) stocking up on popcorn and prepared to watch the next star scandal.